Frequently asked questions

How much commission does our school/club receive?

The photo fundraising commissions depend on if you use your own photographers or our photographer partners to photograph your school or club. Please contact us for more details

Is it easy for staff to use your software?

Yes, our software is very intuitive. We also provide training to your key staff members.

Is this covid safe?

If you (your staff) are photography, there is no need for 3rd party contractors to enter the school grounds to come in contact with staff and students. If you use our partner photographers, they are trained in 'contactless' covid safe operations

Do you edit/retouch the images?

You should always upload the best quality images (edited) possible to ensure the best financial outcome as parents view images BEFORE they purchase. We will quality control the images prior to releasing the job to webstore and edit if neceasary contact you to discuss the quality of the images - If you would prefer for our trained editors to review and fine tune (exposure & color balance) your images, we charge 25 aud cents per image off your commission.

How do parents get notified that the images are ready to view?

Parents receive email/sms once images are ready to view and purchase.

What image format can I download the images for our school data base

As you can imagine there are many diffferent types of school data base systems with different image requirments such as file naming and image sizes. We have many presets avaiable to you from local systems. We can always create a download preset for you.

Is there a minimum purchase for parents?

There is NO minimum purchase amount. Parents can either choose from our great value packs or buy individual photos.

How do parents order?

Parents recieve an email/sms to login to their childs images on our secure online webstore. Parents can then view images, customise packs/products and choose school/club or home delivery. Payment is then securely made online. You can test our webstore with the below link:

How long does delivery of images take?

Digital images are immediately downloadable after purchase. Home deliveries of prints and other products are shipped within 48 hours after reciving the order.

When can parents view & purchase images?

Images will be available for parents to view and purchase online within 7 days of the last photoday upload